I'm Kat.


I included photos of myself doing random things I like to do, to get a sneak peak in on my personal life. Im pretty easy going, love stripes, patterns, polka dots, hearts... and color. I cherish the little things. I strive to be outside. and I thrive on activities. I have 3 furry best friends.


Chosing a photographer, for a wedding especially, can be overwhelming and difficult. I aim to make my "subjects" feel comfortable and relaxed so that they'll enjoy the experience... and have FUN! It's your wedding!

My favorite line I hear from folks during a wedding day is - "How do you know Kat? OH! I though she was a school friend or something... it seems as if you've know each other for so long!" .


I enjoy building relationships with my new friends that turn into long term friendships. Photography is SUCH a personal thing to me and I aim to capture who people are... not just the "looks" of their wedding. I want emotion, moments, feelings, love... the real essence.


I would love to build a friendship and play with you.

About me

Leo born on July 24th.
I love to laugh and smile. 
Love making other people laugh

I LOVE my 3 dogs.

A full sized Ausie named Ruger, a 19lb mini Aussie named Kirby Puckett, & a full brother from a diff litter named Bo Jackson

Love americanos with cream & raw sugar

LOVE PIZZA, esp with mushrooms

I've worked at the Whitefish Lake Golf course as a Greens keeper for 16 years
Snowboarder & skier 

Love 5 am quiet runs and I'm a nite owl. 

Love running, hiking, golfing, everythingk!

LOVE to play games

Love the packers
Love dark coffee finish beer & tequila

Love fruit & sunflower seeds on my salads.

Summer I plan to hike, mountain bike, paddleboard, and camp.

I love my family. 2 amazing parents, 2 incredible brothers that have brought me 2 super cool sis-in-laws and 4 kiddos each. :) 


Heartfelt... personal... vibrant.    It's how I roll.